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“Dandelion” (2021-2023)

More than mere objects of beauty, flowers are resilient. Their sensitivity is their strength, and they can grow in the most unlikely places—just like the Latin women in my life who helped raise me and make me who I am. These are my dandelions: rooted yet adaptable, and capable of powerful transformations. Plant them in any environment, no matter how hostile, and they will thrive.


Izack Morales is a photographer born and raised in Mexico, developed a profound passion for storytelling, communication, and the reinterpretation of the world from an early age. With a natural inclination towards the film industry, he honed his skills in constructing imaginative narratives.

His journey led him to London, where he discovered his niche in fashion photography. Having lived in various locations worldwide, Morales enriched his perspective,

blending the diverse cultures encountered with the vibrant, surreal, and sometimes visceral society of his native Mexico. Through the medium of photography, he witnesses the realization of his ideas, transforming them into tangible expressions.

Currently based in New York, Morales continues to explore and capture the essence of his surroundings.

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