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"Amsterdamer" (2024).

"Amsterdamer is a series of embroidered texts and improvised poems anthologised from the pages of my notebooks. These are thoughts that came to life through perseverance, meters of thread, and a tip-less needle. It is an ode to memories, the interludes, and the anticipation of tomorrow.

In a way, the act of embroidery takes so much time that it seems to cancel itself out; it is in this hiatus that meditations on ideas are able to rise. In this silent and solitary act, it appears that the only escape is to disappear within and recall everything spoken and written, to touch it, dissect it, and repeat it over and over until a sentence becomes a brief eternity. At present, the series comprises over 20 texts, both individual and collective, collected since October.

I find solace in not being tied to a specific place, allowing the creative process to become something so commonplace and routine."


Nicolás Sierra was born on August 21, 1999, in Mexico City. Throughout his life, his studies have revolved around photography, film, ceramics, and drawing. He employs them as mediums to delve into neglect, memories, and the present. In recent years, he has consistently worked with photography, crafting journals and self-portraits in the light of the blue hour, exploring silence and the scars of time.

Simultaneously, he engages with ceramics, creating collections roused by forests and their botanical division systems. In his latest work, Amsterdamer, he embroiders texts and poems gathered from his notebooks, reflecting on pauses, fantasies, and nostalgia with typography of his own creation.

He currently resides and works in Mexico City after studying in Madrid and London, where he professionally prospered and began exploring his artistic identity.

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