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ECDYSIS (2023)

The piece for Art Week in Mexico City, orchestrated by Viridiana and Nin Studio, is a multidisciplinary exploration of the dynamic and ever-changing nature of identity, particularly within the context of the female body. 

Through a fusion of clothing, photography, mixed media,  music, and performance come together to offer a mirror of ourselves, to bring the psychic evolutionary processes to be witnessed.
We are invited to ask what makes up our identity and observe the phenomena of the construction, deconstruction  and the in between. 

The construction and dissolution of the body and identity are inherently close and dynamic processes. Identity, as a concept constantly in flux, is continually redefined, particularly in the representation of the female body, which has the ability to adapt in various situations and moments.

Through clothing and fashion, the construction of identity becomes a complex and multifaceted process that involves the interaction between the individual, society, and culture. Clothing, as a powerful tool of expression, plays a crucial role in self-perception and how others perceive us. It becomes a powerful way to communicate and express the complexity of our identity.

Both the body and identity are shaped and molded by various elements and factors. What are these elements that shape our identity and materialize the external and corporeal essence of the female body? How do we question and approach the ways in which our corporeality contributes to our own recognition and self-construction?

However, the process is not static; it also involves the dilution of identity and the body. In reflecting on the changing nature of female identity over time, challenging the idea of a static identity, it can dissolve or be questioned. This process of dissolution could be interpreted as a challenge to preset constructions and a questioning of existing paradigms, leading to the fading of limited conceptions about female identity and the body



Viridiana is a photographer based in Mexico City. Her approach to photography has established an opportunity to create intimate spaces to connect with her subjects. 

In constant search for understanding self perception as a collaborative tool to portray a glimpse of their bonds and life experiences. She discovers herself through a photographic practice that involves questioning her own ways of thinking, feeling and as an opportunity to understand herself in a cathartic visual voyage. 

After completing a bachelor degree in arts and design, she continued her studies  in Madrid where she accomplished a Master’s  in Photography. In 2016 became a Harper Bazaar's new talent, which kick started her career in fashion, printing editorial work in local publications such as Vogue, ELLE, and L’Officiel at the country. Later to become the photo editor of MarieClaire Mexico, she has worked in cities such as Paris, Madrid, Stockholm and New York. 

Her work revolves around fashion and personal images, building a collection of contemporary, honest, and beautiful imagery.

In 2022 she was selected as one of The Next Great Fashion Image Makers by Photo Vogue (Vogue Italia). She took part in the Photo Festival exhibition in Milan and in 2023 she was selected for Voice & Photo Vogue  to participate in a NFT Residency. In the same year (2023) part of her work will be exhibited in Munich in “Past & Present” exhibition though the hand of Deir Greif. 

Currently, Viridiana is working on her personal photo series: “The body we inhabit”.


Nin Studio is a Mexico City based brand, the studio create clothing with the intention the forms can be adapted to whoever wears them. The clothing is tethered to atemporal and temporal collections; aimed to provide timeless and mutable pieces that go beyond the body, that bring up a deeper questioning of our actions and transformation of identity.

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