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Mexico City, February 2024. After two years of fostering creativity and artistic synergies, Projet Moné is thrilled to announce its first collective show within the framework of Mexico City Art Week. Through this exhibition and series of activations we celebrate the talents that have been part of our journey and we aim to establish meaningful connections within the vibrant artistic community in Mexico.

The chosen venue, Casa UC, a captivating Art Nouveau house owned by Universidad de la Comunicación a captivating Art Deco house located in the eclectic neighborhood of La Condesa, serves as the canvas for eleven artists and design studios to display some of their latest works through various mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography and installations. Each room will be transformed into a sensory exploration of the intersectionality of different artistic expressions, mirroring the backgrounds and artistic approaches that the artists represent.


Projet Moné is a boutique agency catering the arts, culture and design communities based in Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York and Paris.

Co-founded in 2023 by Amor Díaz and Georgina Villa, Projet Moné draws inspiration from the idea of forging connections between diverse cultural spheres. The agency specializes in crafting and executing strategies aimed at enhancing visibility and cultivating connections. Projet Moné's portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum, including collaborations with visual and performing artists, galleries, design studios, luxury fashion brands, and VIPs.



UC is an institution dedicated to nurturing communication professionals in Mexico. Established in 1976, their mission is to continually meet the demand for high-quality education in communication. Currently, they offer a wide range of programs including bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, specialties, and diplomas.

What sets UC apart is their emphasis on real-world experience for our students. Throughout their academic journey, they are exposed to practical scenarios that prepare them for the professional landscape. They actively foster collaborations with reputable entities in the communication sector, encouraging students' active involvement in industry projects.

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